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Hero Battles by Rohan Bhatia

Hero Battles

node express.js graphQL postgreSQL apollo server react redux bootstrap
Sorting Visualizer by Rohan Bhatia (React Native)

Sorting Visualizer

algorithms typescript react-native hooks npm
Duolingo inspired quiz app made by Rohan Bhatia on react native

Quiz App

react-native animations state management hooks

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About Me

Hello, I’m Rohan. Ever since I was a young kid, I wanted to be independent. I didn’t want to work fixed hours. I aspired to live life on my own terms.

During my final year of college, I (along with a friend) decided to start a game rental platform – so we did. We called it Skiron Gaming. Running this business while managing college taught me a lot. You can read more about this business and the lessons I learnt from it here.

Coming back to the story, we needed a rental e-commerce website for Skiron Gaming. I had always been a fan of coding so I decided to build it on my own and that’s how I got into web development. I built the rental website with all functionalities that a customer could need and I thought my job was done – I was wrong, the website tanked.

What went wrong? The website wasn’t optimized for conversions. That’s when I learnt all about digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, A/B testing and how to integrate all these things into a website.

By this time, I was over my gaming obsession and also out of college, so I started something new – Acoustic Bits.

Acoustic Bits was an e-commerce store for musical instruments (Now it’s just a music blog). What was so special about this e-commerce store? IT CONVERTED VISITORS TO CUSTOMERS. I had learnt from my mistakes and done things better this time, I still made a mistake. I didn’t take into consideration one thing – the retail margins for physical products are peanuts in today’s age. You can read more about my e-commerce journey here. Although Acoustic Bits wasn’t a failure, I shut it down.

During this journey, I fell in love with React and React Native. I work as a freelance javascript/typescript developer now. Why should you work with me? My failed entrepreneurial ventures have taught me that the business requirements are as important as coding requirements. I make sure that the code I write helps your company move forward.

if you want to hire me for a coding gig, contact me through the form below.

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